Scilestial comes from the combination of words: “Science” and “Celestial”. Scilestial’s highest vision is to exist as a catalyst in humanity’s on going quest for virtuous unity by producing fiction and nonfiction media that encourages and cultivates enlightenment.


Scilestial proposes a wider spectrum of unity, removing the walls between science and religion, to broaden the boundaries of the human tribe, seeking equality and justice in the diligent pursuit of Enlightenment. This is the vision of Scilestial.


The World of The Seers is Scilestial’s flagship fiction series. It is what creator M.D. Kaczkowski calls, "Scilestial Fiction." It is an intricately developed new fictional platform written on the premise that science and spirituality are not separate, but opposite ends of a spectrum that attempts to understand the unseen laws of the universe for the betterment of humanity. The Seers, New World Order, is the first book written on this platform.  For more information, visit:


Scilestial is open to producing the works of other writers and artists wishing to join in sharing their talents to others in accordance with Scilestial’s vision. For more information visit:


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